Thomas Chandler (thomaschandler) wrote,
Thomas Chandler

Later that evening - outskirts of Miles Cross

Thomas tries to get a grip on his nerves as he pulls his van into the gravel driveway. **Ooookay. Pretty girl who is interested in me and we end up first at her place and then my place all in the same day. Night. Whichever. Deep breaths, Thomas, deep breaths. At least you're away from that creepy girl from the coffee shop!**

"Well, here we are, Fiona." He gestures at the small white bungalow with one hand while taking the keys out of the ignition with the other. "It's not much, but for the past week or so,it's been home. The place is a bit of a mess. Hope you don't mind." Opening the door, he steps down in front of the porch. Turning back to look at her, he still tries to sort out the whirlwind of a day in his mind.

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