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thomaschandler's Journal

Thomas Chandler
18 July 1990
### This journal is for and about a fictional character for milescross. ###
He has appeared in both fairgrove_u and far_and_unseen in slightly different variations.

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Thomas is handsome enough mortal, though in truth he never really gave it any consideration. He is Caucasian, light brown haired and brown eyed, and of medium build. There's still some softness to his face, giving him a slightly innocent look. He stands just shy of 6'. Wire rim glasses frame his eyes. Currently, Thomas looks like your average college freshman gone to seed, with untrimmed hair falling to below collar-length. His clothes typically consist of jeans, work boots, a t-shirt of some sort and an oversized denim jacket that's seen better days. His idea of dressing up consists of adding a button-down shirt and leather vest. He smells strongly of incense, which he burns in his room while reading. Thomas isn't big on music or TV, although may turn on the news once in awhile to remind himself why he doesn't bother.